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🚩 Only 8 Tools You Need To Detail Any Car

Aug 07, 2023

Whether you're a pro detailer with a passion for gleaming, spotless vehicles or a casual car owner interested in sprucing up your ride, car detailing is a crucial part of automotive care. 

Today I'd like to guide you through the 8 must-have tools and products to detail a car effectively.

If you want to check out my 16 fav tools and all the links you can download my free toolkit guide here

First up...

1. Pressure Washer: 

Topping the list is a trusty pressure washer, which is paramount for washing the exterior of your car as well as the floor mats tucked inside. Operating in the ideal pressure range of 1200 to 1900 PSI, it ensures a thorough cleanse without risking damage to the car's surface.

2. Vacuum Cleaner: 

A vacuum cleaner is indispensable when it comes to ridding your car's interior of loose dirt, dust, and debris. The wet and dry vacuums even double as extractors, amplifying their utility and efficiency.

3. Microfibre Towels: 

I can't emphasize enough the role of microfibre towels in a successful car detailing venture. Their impressive dirt, dust, and liquid retention capabilities make them ideal for cleaning various surfaces, leaving behind no streaks or residues. I use them all the time.

4. Detailing Brush: 

For those pesky corners and tight spaces, a detailing brush is your best bet. Whether it's wheel lug nuts or interior surface crevices, these brushes expertly agitate stubborn dirt and leave no corner uncleaned.

5. Drill Brush: 

An invaluable ally in your car detailing toolkit is the drill brush. The spinning bristles bring dirt from deep within carpets or seats to the surface, simplifying the cleaning process and ensuring a thorough cleanse.

6. PH-neutral Shampoo: 

To wash the exterior of a car without causing harm, a PH-neutral shampoo is the perfect solution. It works wonderfully to break down dirt and grime, especially as a pre-wash, and minimizes the risk of scratching during a contact wash.

7. All-purpose Cleaner (APC): 

An all-purpose cleaner, as its name suggests, is the jack of all trades. Suited to all surfaces, both interior and exterior, it's a handy tool to have in your detailing arsenal.

8. Window Cleaner: 

Finally, a quality window cleaner rounds up our list. Great for windows, mirrors, chrome, and plastics, it leaves these surfaces gleaming without any hassle.

While the car detailing market is brimming with a multitude of tools and products, these eight essential items have never failed me in achieving a spotlessly detailed car.

This curated list should provide an excellent starting point for anyone looking to venture into the realm of car detailing.

If you want to check out my 16 fav tools and all the links you can download my free toolkit guide here

Happy detailing

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