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A Comprehensive Guide on Deep Cleaning Your Car's Carpet

Oct 11, 2023


Keeping your vehicle's carpets clean not only maintains its aesthetic appeal, but also affects the overall lifespan of the carpet fabric. Among numerous types, Subaru Forrester carpets can be particularly challenging to clean effectively due to their quality disparity. But fear not, we've got a foolproof method that can leave those carpets looking brand new. 


Step 1: Initial Vacuuming of the Carpet


Kickstart the cleaning process by aiming your vacuum at all the loose dirt, sand, and other gritty particles on the carpet. Swiping a vacuum thoroughly over the entire carpet area can aid in removing as much debris as possible. This initial vacuuming can significantly reduce the dirt accumulation before moving onto deeper cleaning processes.


Step 2: Using the Drill Brush


Following the initial vacuuming, your trusty drill brush can come into play to agitate the carpet. As you apply the drill brush method on your carpet, you might notice a mini 'sandstorm', which is nothing but the embedded sand particles getting dislodged. After using the drill brush, make sure to give the carpet another vacuum round to pick up the sand and dirt that's been loosened up.


Step 3: Special Solution Application


To get rid of the stubborn grime lingering deep within the carpet, you'll need to soak the carpet with a unique cleaning solution designed to break down the deep-seated dirt effectively. As you apply this special solution, take your drill brush and start diligently working on the carpet again. This step helps fluff up the carpet fibers, bringing the remaining dirt elements to the surface.


Step 4: Heated Carpet Extractor for the Win


This stage is all about taking out the heavy artillery - the heated carpet extractor. This effective tool simultaneously shoots out hot water with substantial pressure and vacuums, thereby dislodging any residual dirt and sucking it up entirely. This step immensely enhances the carpet's clean aspect.


Step 5: Repeat Brushing and Final Extraction


Post extraction, you may still find some stubborn sand deep within the carpet. Agitating the carpet with the drill brush one more time will help free up any lingering particles. With all the debris suspended, you can perform the final extraction to achieve a fully cleaned carpet. 




By adhering to this comprehensive cleaning process, your car's carpets can go from drab to fab, looking as good as brand new. Possessing a clean car carpet is not just about the aesthetics. It's also about maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your vehicle. So, grab your cleaning tools and get started on making your car carpet spotless! 

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