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How to Remove Chewing Gum From Carpet

Apr 24, 2023

So, I’ve been getting this question a lot lately - “How to remove stains and sticky substances from carpet and upholstery”

Let’s start with sticky substances like chewing gum. 🍭

Removing chewing gum and other sticky substances from inside a car can be a tricky and frustrating task. These substances can easily stick to carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces, making them difficult to remove. Fortunately, there are several methods you can try, including using a powerful solvent like Prepsol.

What is Prepsol? 

Prepsol is a solvent that is often used to remove sticky substances from carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces. It is particularly effective at removing sticky substances like chewing gum, tar, and adhesive residue. Prepsol is a strong solvent, so it should be used with caution. Be sure to wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated area when using this product.

Another product I rate highly is a mild citrus-based degreaser like this one from chemical guys

A mild citrus degreaser is a cleaning solution that is designed to remove grease, grime, and other tough stains from surfaces. It is called "mild" because it is formulated with natural citrus-based ingredients that are gentle on surfaces but still effective at removing dirt and grease.

How to Remove Chewing Gum and Other Sticky Substances:

  1. Apply Product: Use a clean microfibre towel to apply a small amount of the product directly onto the chewing gum or sticky substance.
  2. Let it soak: Allow the product to soak into the chewing gum or sticky substance for a few minutes. This will help to dissolve the gum and make it easier to remove.
  3. Scrub the area: Use a stiff-bristled brush or an old toothbrush to scrub the affected area gently. This will help to loosen the gum and lift it off the carpet fibers.
  4. Blot the area: Use a clean microfibre towel to blot the area and remove any excess Prepsol or degreaser and gum residue. Be sure to work from the outside of the stain inward to avoid spreading the stain.
  5. Dry the area: Allow the area to air dry completely.

So that’s how you can remove chewing gum and other sticky substances, but what about general dirt and other stains?

  1. Prepare the area by vacuuming it thoroughly to remove any loose dirt or debris. This will give you full access to the stain and prevent the dirt from spreading further during the cleaning process.
  2. Apply a mild citrus-based degreaser to the stain and allow it to soak in for a few minutes.
  3. Use a drill brush or a hard bristle brush to agitate the area and loosen up the dirt and grime embedded within it. Be mindful not to damage the fabric while doing so.
  4. Keep the area wet during this process as this will help to break down the dirt and make it easier to extract.
  5. Extract all the dirt from the area using an extractor. An extractor is a powerful tool that sprays water and cleaning solution onto the surface and then vacuums it up along with the dirt and grime. If you don't have an extractor, you can use a wet and dry vacuum or a microfiber towel to wipe away the stain.
  6. Be patient and repeat the process if necessary. Some tough stains may require several rounds of cleaning before they are completely removed.

By following these simple steps, you can effectively remove general dirt and other stains using a mild citrus degreaser and restore your surfaces to their former glory.


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