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Why Washing Car Using The Two Bucket Method Is A Waste Of Time

May 03, 2023

The Two-Bucket Method is a car washing technique that is widely used and recommended by many car detailing experts. However, Aaron from Autoclean believes that it is a waste of time and has come up with an alternative method that is more efficient and effective.

In this post, we will explore why the Two-Bucket Method may not be necessary and how Aaron's method can help you save time and still achieve great results.

Why washing a car with the two-bucket method is wasting time

Aaron starts his car washing process by washing the wheels first, which are typically the dirtiest part of the car. He uses a bucket of soapy water, wheel detailing brushes, an Iron remover (Iron Buster) to break down the iron on the wheels and a foaming wheel cleaner (Brake Buster) to clean the wheels thoroughly. This is because dirt tends to splash onto other areas of the car, and starting with the wheels helps avoid washing other parts of the car twice.

Once he has finished cleaning the wheels, Aaron moves on to washing the car. He starts with a high-foaming pre-wash shampoo, that he uses with his MTM hydro foam cannon (either neutral shampoo or a mild degreaser)  which helps break down dirt and grime. He then lets the pre-wash dwell for a few minutes enabling it to be more effective. During this time, he uses a soft bristle brush to agitate tight areas around the car, like around the window seals and front grill.

 After allowing the foam to dwell for a few minutes, he rinses it off using a pressure washer.

Microfibre towels are the secret weapon for washing cars

The next step is where Aaron's method differs from the Two-Bucket Method. Instead of using two buckets of water, Aaron uses the foam cannon with shampoo leftover from the pre-wash stage. He soaks the car again with a layer of shampoo. This acts as a lubricant when contact washing. He then grabs two clean microfibre towels that he folds in half and then in half again giving him eight sides to the towel. So instead of going back and forth to a wash bucket after each section, Aaron just flips the towel to a clean side. If he uses all eight sides he will replace them with two completely clean towels.

This is much faster and more effective than rinsing and washing the towels in a bucket.

You won't be able to completely clean your wash mitt using the two-bucket method

Even if you have a grit guard inside of your bucket you won’t be able to completely clean the towels or wash mitts. Dirt and debris will still be present and you will be more likely to cause swirls when washing this way.

Aaron breaks the car into sections and washes one half at a time.

So why is the Two-Bucket Method considered the best practice for car washing? The answer lies in its ability to prevent scratches and swirls on the car's paint. The idea is to use one bucket for soapy water and another for rinsing the mitt or sponge after each pass on the car's surface. This ensures that any dirt or grime is removed from the mitt or sponge before it touches the car's paint again.

However, Aaron believes that you completely clean the wash mitt and it’s a slow process. 

The risk of scratches and swirls is minimised by using a pre-wash foam that breaks down dirt and grime. This reduces the amount of dirt and grime that is left on the car's surface, which means less risk of scratches and swirls. And using plush microfibre towels that can be folded into eight different sides.

In conclusion

while the Two-Bucket Method is a tried and tested method for car washing, it may not be necessary in all situations. Aaron's alternative method can help you save time and still achieve great results. As with any car washing method, it is important to choose the right tools and techniques for your specific situation.

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